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Steve and Captain Evil give an update on their dream house, and tell stories of bad credit, meeting new friends and tipping. 

I Want My Socks Too

Steve and Captain Evil discuss the differences between each other.  How well do you think that goes?  Oh, and the couple talks about BBQ in Texas.  

Randy & Chelsea Rogers

Country music star Randy Rogers and his wife Chelsea stop by to chat with Steve and Captain Evil.  Topics range from life on the road to humps and bidets… and everything in between...

The Dream Home

It’s 4th of July weekend, and Steve and Captain Evil are bidding on their dream house.  Anyone want to buy a house with a podcast studio in it? Happy 4th of July Y'all!

The Coal Miner's Daughter

The couple had a great weekend at country music icon, Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. Steve got asked to host an event on the beautiful ranch and befriended the whole Lynn family. Steve tell...

Happy Father’s Day

Last weekend, Steve spent the day in the pits. Literally. He got to hang out with Pitbull’s NASCAR team and watch the action from the pits. Plus, Captain Evil surprises her baby da...

The Adventures In Dad

Steve talks comedy in Indianapolis and remembers stories that include someone rushing the stage, a blizzard, and how Steve met road manager Timmy.  We learn a surprising fact about...

Burn The Outfit

Steve and Captain Evil share some outtakes from their Aztec Chevy commercial. Steve talks about how life is on the road after the country is starting to reopen. Plus a heartfelt le...

Third Times a Charm

After two failed attempts at recording the podcast this week, Steve and Captain Evil successfully get through episode 219.  Stick around after the episode to see the brand new Azte...

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